Intercontinental Downtown Los Angeles, CA
August 27- 29th

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Intercontinental Downtown Los Angeles, CA
August 27-29th, 2017

Supply Chain Strategies & Leadership

The strategies and leadership track was specifically developed to support supply chain leaders with best strategies and management tactics relating to workforce, supply chain risk, value creation, and technology selection, among others. This track will address some of the most pressing challenges for the supply chain organization and business model as a whole. 

  • Supply Chain Transformation
  • Workforce and Talent Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management & Value Creation
  • Technology Selection & Implementation
  • Increased Use of Global Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Modeling to Improve OperationsSupply Chain Strategies & Leadership

Breakout Presentations

Work Force and Talent Management: Retention and Engagement


Kerry Pete Pietras
Senior Director of Human Resources, ULTA


Work Force and Talent Management: Retention and Engagement

What is your ROI on employee retention? Better question. What is your ROI on employee engagement? Why do people leave? Why do people stay? What can you control? What is out of your control?

I don’t have all of the answers, but I have a few, and I am interested hearing your thoughts on the topic.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding your ROI on Retention
  • Understanding why people leave
  • Understanding why people stay
  • Understanding your ROI on engagement
  • Controlling what you can control by focusing on what does not change
Supply Chain Transformation


Bruce Elliot
Vice President Supply Chain, Nissin Foods Co.


Supply Chain Transformation

Connecting supply chain with corporate mission & values and using supply chain to gain differentiation will achieve a competitive advantage.  Prioritizing and resourcing the best initiatives to drive results and transform the operating environment .  Conducting gap analysis and creating a development & training program to drive change and build a long lasting sustaining organization. In this presentation, the transformation of a functional organization into a value chain operating system by leveraging technology, process, and people.

Key Take-Aways

  • Aligning the supply chain with your company’s mission and strategies
  • Prioritizing productivity initiatives for the best results
  • Measuring progress and change management