Pelyco Systems


We deliver Logistics & Supply Chain Visibility solutions, powered by SmartSpreadSheet™ and webPUBLISH Control Tower™. Pelyco Systems is the leading provider of Spreadsheet Management and Information Visibility Solutions for logistics & supply chain intensive companies. Our solutions help companies improve business process efficiencies, cut IT costs, and streamline operational expenses while dramatically improving cash flow to grow their bottom line.
Our customers including Toshiba, Technicolor, BP Lubricants Castrol Oil, Best Buy, Caterpillar, IBM, Chrysler, Delta Faucet, P&G/Gillette, Halliburton, and Goodyear have discovered that webPUBLISH and SmartSpreadSheet, have provided them with the easy access to information visibility that they need, allowing them to cut inventory, streamline planning and logistics, and optimize their business processes. SmartSpreadSheet helps companies transform unmanaged mission-critical spreadsheets and data into collaborative, secure, multi-user enterprise applications.
We deliver business process applications that help companies move from inward-focused action to outward-facing processes. We transform complex, disparate, data into vital information used to synchronize activity across suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers and customers. Customers typically see up to a 15% savings in labor costs and up to a 30% reduction in MIS/IT support costs.
We deliver Logistics & Supply Chain Visibility solutions with SmartSpreadSheet for the Enterprise and webPUBLISH Control Tower.





“Companies simply cannot operate efficiently without information visibility. It is the lifeline of successful business, and Pelyco Systems provided us with the supply chain visibility and data liquidity needed to enhance responsiveness to our customers needs, and increase our on time delivery. Since Pelyco was implemented at Best Buy, total programs savings have been $12M+/year.”
- Senior Director of Transportation and Logistics, Best Buy.
 “The SmartSpreadSheet application has been implemented to support a global community across IBM, and dramatically reduced costs and increased efficiencies over other systems and other spreadsheet based approaches.”