Banyan Technology


Save 16-21% on shipping when you connect directly to your carriers. Banyan Technology is North America’s leading provider of live carrier and API connectivity for transportation man­agement. With more than 1,300 carriers and 28,000 client locations accessing the application, Banyan Technology provides commercial shippers, brokers, and 3PLs with unparalleled access to carrier data. These connections boost efficiency, improve visibility, and deliver permanent reductions in shipping costs. 


See quotes directly from each of your carriers on every shipment - compare quotes to ensure you’re always getting the best price. Our live connections work in our TMS or yours.


Our clients include 3 of the 5 largest 3PLs, as well as a variety of manufacturers, distributors, and technology providers.



“We’re benefiting from the best information available. Once we started with Banyan, we saw a 20% ROI within six months. We recognized immediate cost savings from Banyan’s ability to compare our carrier rates for each shipment and the real-time rating information has completely eliminated RFP’s.  We have substantially improved our efficiency by selecting the best carrier option for each shipment, with Banyan completely automating our workflow processes from booking, tracking, and management of all our freight bill settlements. My finger is completely on the pulse of what’s going on with a shipment, and, it’s all on one screen.”

- Greg Keys, Corporate Transportation Manager, Award-winning manufacturer Kaufman Container